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Over the years, queen bed sets have become popular, and you can ask anyone who has one how impressive they are. You truly feel like royalty once you hit the bed. And who doesn’t want to feel royal when they go to bed? Sleeping is an integral part of anyone’s life as it ensures you are fully recharged and ready to tackle your day to day life. 

At Drommedaris, we ensure that the beds we have on sale are what all our customers are looking for. Beds that provide comfort, durability and support and will say goodbye to restless nights. 

This is why we sell Cloud Nine bed sets with a wide selection to cater to each person’s needs. You can be sure that you will get a bed that offers quality support with one of the softest mattresses ever to exist. Our cloud nine beds provide several benefits, such as spine support and heavier weight support guaranteeing a good night’s rest that is always needed. 

Within this range, you can find beds that offer you comfort, extra comfort, support as well as extra length. Whatever your needs, we have you covered. Our queen bed sets are 152 cm, so they are ideal for taller people, couples and people who have enough space in their rooms because they tend to take up some space. All our beds are built to last as durability is important to us. 

With so many options available, simply use our search bar and browse all our queen bed sets for sale. We promise that you will find what you are looking for, and we hope even more. We deliver almost anywhere in South Africa for free, and if you find a store that sells the same product for less, we will match their price because we care about our customers.