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Storing food in a fridge or freezer can be tricky at times as we want different temperatures for different foods. It is also not advised that we place hot food in fridges as that may damage them in the long run. If you are in the catering and food business, you might also be battling with maintaining certain temperatures for the food you are providing your clients. Why not invest in a blast chiller? That way, you can store your food at a controlled and automated temperature.

Retain your food’s freshness with our beautiful and user-friendly blast chillers. We know that trying to cool your food off after cooking may be a bit tedious, especially if you are a chef or caterer that needs to serve guests at a restaurant or function. You can store and keep your desserts, cakes, and other sweet sensations cooler for longer, allowing you to give your customers what they want. When you browse our blast chillers section, you’ll find that they’re multifunctional and versatile domestic tools that make it easy for you and your food.

Drommedaris understands that life happens, so we don’t want the freshness of your food to be one of your worries. With blast chillers, you also get to keep your food fresher for longer. Our blast chillers also have a stainless steel interior with three levels, five functions and a touch control display. Other features include a cooling probe with a thermometer, language settings and a child lock for child safety.

So, whether you need a quick cooling fix or want longer-lasting freshness, our blast chillers have got your back.