Cloud Nine Blue 50th Anniversary Mattress



The Cloud Nine brand is one that you can trust and adore. Each mattress we create has been designed with care and sophistication. So, when it came to our fiftieth-year anniversary what else could we do but build another stunning mattress just for you? As each of our products are renowned for doing, this incredible Cloud Nine Blue 50th Anniversary Mattress is determined to partner with you for the long run. Its packed with durability, quality, and reliability which will support you throughout. With incredible features, decadent comfort, and superb technology incorporated we hope that you enjoy this mattress as much as we do. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the Cloud Nine Blue 50th.

The Cloud Nine Blue 50th Anniversary Mattress:

What exactly makes this mattress so unique? Well, with a poly-cotton knitted cover you can enjoy the delicious benefits of a luxurious and soft feel. This comforts rather than irritates your skin. In addition to this, the poly-cotton knitted cover also helps prolong your mattress’s life. It is acting as a moisture guard with anti-bacterial properties. Then also our Zero movement transfer feature makes for sweet and undisturbed rest when sharing with a partner. Our allergy free aspect ensured through zero chemicals, and 100% odor free features make for a safe resting place. No matter what your sinuses are up to!

Furthermore, the iconic Cloud Nine Foam used for each mattress is painstakingly made to be stable, non-toxic and hygienic for your ultimate ease and restoration. Following on these lovely features is our High density reconstituted foam posture support core. This corrects your posture while you sleep. And as a result, leaving you to wake up free from back and joint aches and rearing for the day. Lastly, on our list of benefits, the Blue 50th boasts Cool Blue Bead technology and High-density buoyant Polyurethane foam layers. These increase the stable support for your spine and provide a luxuriously gentle yet firm feel.  The Cool Blue Bead technology also boasts built-in temperature regulation for your utmost relief and enjoyment. To top it all off, the mattress is also Dual sided.

So being endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa, this Cloud Nine Blue 50th Anniversary Mattress is ready to serve you with excellence. Our rapid reform polyurethane foam is eager to support and guide you through your nights. Therefore, leading you to an ever-improving lifestyle or restoration. This bed has a 105-kilogram allowance per person per side and a 15-year service warranty.



15 Years Service Warranty

2 Year Guarantee

Weight Limit

105 kg per person

Additional information

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