Bosch 8kg Condenser Tumble Dryer WPG1410XZA



The Bosch 8kg Condenser Tumble Dryer has a B energy rating, anti-vibration design, and Auto Dry to automatically dry your laundry to the degree of dryness you want. Sensitive Drying system dries laundry with mildly warm air.

Sense And Then Dry

The Bosch 8kg Condenser Tumble Dryer has automatic senses that will determine when your laundry is dry. Auto Dry will finish the laundry load to the exact level of dryness that you want, as the sensors will measure the temperature and moisture. By doing so, it will protect your laundry from over-drying and exposure to high temperatures, while still ensuring the perfect dry every time.

Bosch Tumble Dryer Great For Sensitive Drying

Sensitive Drying system dries laundry with mildly warm air coming from all sides while being gently mixed in the stainless steel drum of the Bosch 8kg Metallic Tumble Dryer. Once your soft laundry comes out of the condenser tumble dryer, you will be satisfied to see that there are fewer creases.

Dry Your Clothes In Peace

Unlike conventional dryers, which tend to be loud, the Bosch 8kg Condenser Tumble Dryer uses an anti-vibration design, making the dryer extremely quiet. You can enjoy the silence while your clothes get dried.



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Technical Specifications

Dimensions And Guarantee

The dimensions of the Bosch Tumble Dryer are H 842mm x W 598mm x D 613mm, and this Bosch Tumble Dryer has a 3-year guarantee

  • 8kg load size
  • B energy rating
  • Interior drum light
  • Programs include:
    • Cotton
    • Cotton eco
    • Easy-care
    • Super Quick 40′
    • Wool Finish
    • Delicates
    • Sportswear
    • Iron dry
    • Towels
    • Mix