Bosch 9kg Home Connect Heat Pump Tumble Dryer WTU87RH8ZA


The Bosch 9kg Home Connect Heat Pump Tumble Dryer has an A++ energy rating, an AllergyPlus program, and an anti-vibration design. Home Connect allows you to use your smartphone to control the dryer.

Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

The Bosch 9kg Home Connect Heat Pump Tumble Dryer is a heat pump dryer that is designed to run efficiently and dry clothes gently, with low energy consumption. This dryer has SelfCleaning Condensor technology, that automatically cleans the condenser with up to four times the drying time.

Allergy Plus

Did you know, if your clothes are not cleaned properly, they can carry allergy particles that will cause irritation on your skin. Luckily, this Bosch Series 6 Tumble Dryer has AllergyPlus, which is a program that reduces as many allergen residue as possible. By reducing allergen residue, there will be fewer pollen particles, dust mites and animal hair in your clothes, making it ideal for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin.

Tumble Dryer That Is Great For Sensitive Drying

Sensitive Drying system dries laundry with mildly warm air coming from all sides while being gently mixed in the stainless steel drum of this 9kg Metallic Tumble Dryer. Once your soft laundry comes out of the condenser tumble dryer, you will be satisfied to see that there are creases.

Home Connect Capabilities

The Bosch 9kg Home Connect Heat Pump Tumble Dryer is network-capable and you can control it using your smartphone, via the Home Connect app. By using the app on your mobile device, you are able to control the function of this dryer.



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Technical Specifications

Dimensions And Guarantee

The dimensions of the Bosch 9kg Tumble Dryer are H 848mm x W 598mm x D 613mm, and this Bosch Front loader has a 3-year guarantee.

  • A++ energy rating
  • 9kg load capacity
  • AntiVibration Design for more stability and quietness
  • Home Connect
  • Allergy Plus
  • Child Lock
  • Programs include:
    • Easy-care
    • Cottons
    • Shirts
    • Duvet
    • Down wear
    • Sportswear
    • Towels
    • Super Quick 40′
    • Allergy plus
    • Mixed load
    • Delicates
    • Wool in basket
    • Time program cold
    • Time program warm