Bosch Serie 6, Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Unlimited, Blue. 18v


Type – Unlimited
Special purpose – For every-day requirements
Main colour of product – Moonlight blue
Dimensions – 1234 x 252 x 204 mm
Measured weight, ready for op. – 2.4 kg

Technical Overview:
10 years motor guarantee – Yes
Runtime – 30 min
Number exchangeable battery pack(s) – 1
Charging time – 4 h
Filtration system – Bagless
Measured weight, ready for op. – 2.4 kg

Extended run-time using an additional exchangeable 18V Power4All battery pack.
Effortless handling, flexible cleaning thanks to compact design.
More than 99.9% dust pickup for effective cleaning performance.
Quality made in Germany.

Special Features:
Extendable runtime: Exchangeable battery packs (sold separately) enables you to extend the runtime if necessary.
Most compact: space-saving design and light weight of just 2.4 kg make cleaning effortless and flexible.
Effective cleaning: AllFloor Power Brush and compact TurboSpin Motor for more than 99.9%
2Footnote 2 Dust pickup measured in Turbo mode on hard floors with crevices. Tested according to EN 60312-1:2017. End of the footnote
Made in Germany: high quality standards and thorough testing for lasting satisfaction.
Cleaning on all levels: multiple accessories that clean all dirt from the floor to the ceiling and even in your car.



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