Serie | 6 Freestanding Fridge-freezer (Bottom freezer) KGN56HI3M8


Dimensions: 1930 x 700 x 800

– noFrost

Number of shelves in fridge compartment: 4

– VitaFresh pro:

– Energy Efficiency Class (Regulation (EU) 2017/1369)

The main colour of the product: Stainless steel (with anti-fingerprint)

Check what’s in the fridge – anytime, anywhere.

‘Is there any milk left in the fridge? Did someone already pick up the eggs?’ Everybody’s been there – standing in the middle of the aisle trying to remember exactly what they have in the fridge. Thanks to Home Connect, you can now check your refrigerator’s contents at any given time and place. Interior door cameras take pictures for you every time the door is closed and conveniently transfer them to your mobile device. Wherever you are, simply access your Home Connect app to get a perfect overview of what’s in your fridge. So you can easily avoid making multiple trips to the supermarket and buying items you don’t need.

Storage Guide: The smarter way to store your food.

Buying fresh food is one thing. Keeping it fresh is another. The Home Connect Storage Guide helps you optimally organise your fridge, and optimise your food items by showing you their ideal storage temperature and storage section in the fridge. Simply search through the Storage Guide from your mobile device via the Home Connect app. Store your food the right way: the smart way.

Now everything fits with ease.

A small difference in cm, big difference in volume: with just a few more cm width than a standard model, you can easily fit whole baking trays, big watermelons, and other large items into our freestanding fridge freezer combinations. A larger interior gives a perfect overview and maximum flexibility.

VitaFresh: keeps your food fresh for longer.

Healthy living has never been so easy. The innovative VitaFresh cooling system creates the ideal storage conditions for all your fresh food thanks to extra low temperatures and adjustable humidity control. The moisture conditions in the drawer can be adjusted, so your fruits and vegetables will stay fresh for longer.

Keeps the contents of your fridge in the spotlight.

LED lights to bring a completely new lighting concept to fridges, guaranteeing even, glare-free interior illumination. LED lights use less electricity than conventional fridge bulbs and last for the entire life of the appliance.

Full flexibility in the freezer area.

You can remove all the safety glass shelves in the freezer area really easy to create more space – to store a multi-level cake, for example, or a whole turkey. Large foods such as a family-sized pizza can be stacked on glass surfaces without any problem.

Lots of space for XXL frozen food with the BigBox drawer.

An extra-deep frozen food drawer for practical stacking of frozen food containers or large frozen items like ice cream or pizzas. No matter whether you have to cater for a child’s birthday or freeze a wedding cake – in the BigBox you will find enough space for large frozen goods.

Pull-out shelf to have full access to any items.

The shatterproof, frameless glass shelves are particularly easy to use, thanks to the smooth pull-out mechanism. And they also give you a clear view of your food at any time – even the items at the very back are not forgotten.

Two separate cooling circuits for faster cooling.

In appliances with separate cooling circuits, the chilling and freezer sections can be controlled separately for cooling faster . Easy-to-use electronic controls allow you to adjust the temperatures individually.

Save energy whilst you are away.

When the Holiday Mode function is activated, the temperature in the fridge section is approx. +14°C and in the freezer approx. −18°C, protecting frozen foods and preventing energy wastage in the fridge.

The fridge knows how to keep its cool.

Activate the SuperCooling function before you go shopping to lower the temperature in your fridge for a short period, so your fresh shopping is kept at the right temperature. The temperature is lowered by pushing a button (2°C at the lowest). To prevent unnecessary power consumption, the function automatically switches back after approximately 6 hours.


Stainless steel fronts with anti-fingerprint coating are permanently surface-sealed by means of special final treatment. This protective coating makes fingerprints much more difficult to see; the surface stays clean longer, is much more scratch-resistant and is easier to clean.

Egg rack

The egg rack keeps your eggs safe inside your fridge.


Thanks to the optimum storage conditions, your food preserves an ideal consistency; ice cream, for instance, is neither too soft nor too hard. A constant temperature in the fridge interior is a decisive factor in achieving more freshness and flavour. FreshSense sensors constantly monitor and control the ambient, fridge and freezer temperature. A constant temperature inside the fridge, independent of the outer temperature, is the result.

The fridge regulates itself.

Uneven cooling in your freezer can greatly affect the flavour and longevity of your food. Our fan-assisted MultiAirflow System causes gentle, even currents of cold air to emerge at all levels of the chilling and freezing area. Temperature fluctuations are minimised and cooling times reduced – which helps your foods retain their integrity for longer. Enjoy freshness from top to bottom.

Your friendly fridge reminder.

Accidentally leaving your fridge open is not only annoying but very costly. Home Connect helps you avoid unnecessarily high energy bills and spoiling the contents of your fridge. If you wish, push notifications can be sent from your fridge directly to your mobile device, conveniently letting you know if the fridge door has been left open. Finally, a fridge that looks after both you and your food perfectly.

Remote Diagnostics: Support served smarter.

It can be stressful if your home appliances don’t work the way they’re supposed to. Remote Diagnostics is here to help. Simply call the Home Connect Hotline and make an appointment for a remote diagnosis of your connected appliance via the Internet. With your permission, Bosch customer service can then remotely screen your appliance, locate the problem area and give you the clear advice you need. In the event that the problem can not be solved this way, a Bosch service technician can be informed and come to your home to resolve all the issues, equipped with all the necessary parts already in hand. Smart support, smart solutions – at the touch of a button.

Protects frozen food from defrosting.

Adding new food to the freezer raises the internal temperature, which can result in defrosting and a loss of flavour. The SuperFreezing function ensures that new food is frozen quickly and thereby prevents the other content inside the freezer from defrosting. Appliances with an automatic freezing function return to normal operation once the required temperature is reached, in order not to waste energy. As a result, frozen food keeps its flavour, even when new food is being added.

Never defrost your fridge-freezer again.

Circulation of dry cold air evenly throughout the interior of the fridge-freezer prevents ice from forming. As a result, no ice builds up at the back wall of your fridge and the drawers of your freezer are always easy to open and close without a layer of ice. NoFrost thus offers maximum convenience in the cooling area and you never have to defrost your freezer again.

Place your fridge wherever you want.

Place your fridge without restrictions. Thanks to the advanced and unique full skin condenser technology, now it is possible to place your fridge without any restrictions to the sidewalls of the kitchen unit, as no condensation can occur. You could also place 2 NoFrost Bottom Freezers as a side by side combination, to store up to 1000 l net volume for all your fresh food!

Simply download the Home Connect app and pair it with your fridge.

The Home Connect app allows you to remotely monitor and control your Bosch refrigerator from your smartphone or tablet. Control the temperature, adjust lighting, run diagnostics—wherever you are,* for ultimate convenience. Receive a notification on your phone should you accidentally leave the door open. The Bosch customer service team can use remote diagnostics to connect to your fridge in case you encouner a problem. Remotely adjust and monitor the temperature of your fridge and freezer—even set it to vacation mode when you’re away. Connected refrigerators from Bosch are designed to give you peace of mind, customization, and simplification.

Door ajar notification

Receive a notification on your phone should you accidentally leave your refrigerator door open for an extended time.






































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Technical Specifications

Technical Information Energy efficiency class: A++ (325 kWh per year). Actual energy consumption will depend on how the appliance is used and where it is located. Climate Class SN-T Height adjustable front feet, roles in the back Connected load 100 W Rated Voltage 220 - 240 V Appliance Dimensions (H x W x D): 193.0 cm x 70 cm x 80 cm Appliance Dimensions with Handle (H x W x D): 193.0 cm x 70 cm x 84 cm Additional product information General Width of the product (mm) 700 Height of the product (mm) 1,930 The main colour of product Stainless steel (with anti-fingerprint) Energy Efficiency Class (Regulation (EU) 2017/1369) Temperature display fridge digital LCD Door hinge Right Shelves for Bottles Length electrical supply cord (cm) 240 Included accessories 3 x egg tray, 1 x ice cube tray with lid, 1 x bottle holder in door tray Connectivity Home Connect Home Connect Features Camera in the appliance, iService Remote, Remote Monitoring and Control Connectivity type Wi-Fi Size and weight Depth of the product 800 Height of the product (mm) 1,930 Net weight (kg) 94.110 Width of the product (mm) 700 Cooling No. of shelves in fridge 4 No. cont. in refrig. comp. 4 No. of egg racks 3 Defrost process fridge section Automatic Number of Adjustable Shelves in fridge compartment 3 Number of shelves in fridge compartment 4 Temperature display fridge digital LCD Freezing No. of ice cube trays 1 Defrost process freezer section Automatic Freezing drawers (Stock) 2 Number of freezing flaps (Stock) 0 Automatic motor-driven ice-maker Temperature adjustable freezer Thaw water drainage system Comfort Included accessories 3 x egg tray, 1 x ice cube tray with lid, 1 x bottle holder indoor tray Shelves for Bottles Type of control setting and signalling devices Economy setting / Holiday mode, Super setting for the freezer, Super setting fridge, Temperature display fridge, Temperature for the freezer, Warning function freezer sect., Warning signal door open, Warning signal for malfunction Lockable door Fast cooling switch Fast freezing switch Humidifying equipment Warning signal/malfunction visual and audible Warning signal door open visual/acoustic Connection Connection rating (W) 100 Length electrical supply cord (cm) 240 Current (A) 10 Frequency (Hz) 50 Plug type Gardy plug w/ earthing Voltage (V) 220-240
Manufacturer: Bosch