• The 2 hyperFresh 0° C plus boxes keep fish and meat fresh up to 2x longer and can be removed for more flexibility
  • Place your fridge directly against the wall – without a gap.
  • Plenty of space for weekly shopping thanks to extra high capacity.
  • Full-access 90° door: fits to every wall for more flexibility and convenience.

Keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for up to two times longer: hyperFresh plus.
A slider lets you adjust the humidity level in the hyperFresh plus drawer to its content. This guarantees an ideal humidity level that preserves flavour, vitamins, and nutrients for longer.

These boxes ensure that fresh meat, cold cuts, and fish stay fresh for up to two times longer. To create these excellent freshness-promoting conditions, the temperature is around 2-4 °C degrees cooler than the rest of the refrigerator. In addition, both boxes can be removed to make room for other food.

high capacity
Plenty of space for weekly shopping thanks to extra high capacity.

Keeps your freezer frost-free.
No more defrosting your freezer to keep your frozen foods preserved and your appliance energy-efficient. noFrost technology extracts humidity and keeps the air dry. This prevents frost from forming on the interior walls, or on your food, saving the effort of defrosting. It saves energy too because a frost-free freezer works more efficiently.

Keeps the air fresh – airfreshFilter
The airfreshFilter always neutralises odours inside the refrigerator, even for food with intensive odour. Unpleasant substances are absorbed, and the air remains fresh – without you ever having to replace the filter.

Brief temperature reduction to cool down fresh food.
With superCooling you can quickly reduce the temperature of your refrigerator for a set time, to quickly cool down fresh food items. This prevents an undesirable rise in the temperature of your already chilled food.


The hyperFresh Box with adjustable humidity keeps fruit and vegetables fresh up to 2 times longer.



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