Bosch Kitchen Machine OptiMUM 1500 W Silver MUM9BX5S65
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Bosch Kitchen Machine OptiMUM 1500 W Silver MUM9BX5S65


  •  Extra-large brushed 5.5l stainless steel bowl
  •  Integrated scale
  • Full-metal body
  • 7 speed settings


 Full-metal body: durable full-metall housing with high-quality details for long-lasting enjoyment.

  •  EasyArmLift: Easy and effortless moving of the arm


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Technical Specifications


Number of outputs

3 No.

Number of output positions

3 No.

Construction type


Material of the body


Size and weight


337 x 222 x 433 mm

Net weight

16.1 kg


Preselectable processing time


Power on indicator


Pulse function


Safety device

Automatic Power-ON safety lockOverload fuse

Accessory bag


Technical details


220-240 V

Excellent Results

SensorControl Plus: Always perfect results for yeast dough, whipped cream and egg whites. Simply by the push of a button – the maschine stops when the perfect result is done

Strong and enduring motor with 1500 W – also for very heavy doughs

3D PlanetaryMixing: Fast and perfect mixing of all ingredients; thanks to the improved planetary mixing system with a unique stirring movement in three dimensions at the same time

Smart Dough Sensor: Constant mixing speed at all times, even with heavy dough and large quantities, ensures fast and perfect results


Huge variety of accessories open up the space for your cooking creativity

Customize your kitchen machine for your needs by an extensive range of optional accessories


Integrated scale: Ingredients can be weighed directly in the bowl – save time while preparing

SensorControl Plus: Gain time to do something else instead of supervising the machine

Integrated timer: Pre-set the running time to repeat your perfect results – the machine stops automatically

Smart tool detection: No matter what tool is used, the OptiMUM takes care of the maximum speed for each tool

Extra big, brushed stainless steel bowl with 5.5 l capacity equipped with two comfortable handles for up to 3.5 kg of cake mixture or 1.5 kg of flour plus ingreadients for yeast dough

7 speed settings, plus pulse function, for individual speed selection

EasyArmLift: Easy and effortless moving of the arm

Easy storage: Automatic cable rewind for simple and quick storage of the cable


A stylish kitchen accessory that must stay on the kitchen top to impress

Enduring and solid housing made from aluminium die-cast

Drive covers made from brushed stainless steel ensure high quality appearence and touch and feel


High security standard because of the cover over the gears

Electronic safety shut-off prevents unexpected starting of the motor

Rubber feet for extra stability

Accessories included

Always find the right drive for your accessories – each drive and also the accessories have a colour code

Absolute stirring whisk: Perfect mixing performance as stirrer fits perfectly the contour of the bowl; stirring of absolutely all ingredients – similar to a soft spatula

Full metal beating whisk: height adjustable for perfect processing of smaller or big amounts of e.g. cream or egg white

High performance kneading hook: The special shape allows the hook to “cut” through the dough and knead it back together. Resulting in a more intensive kneading

Thick-walled ThermoSafeglass blender included with 2.3 l capacity (with food: 1.5 l) – for easy and safe mixing of hot soups and ice-cold beverages without making too much noise due to the special shape

Extremely versatile with the included multimixer – quick and easy shredding, grating, cutting of vegetables and fruits, a chopper knife for herbs and nuts and a citrus press for fresh juice.

Grating disc coarse: Grates raw potatoes to make potatoe dumplings or potatoe pancakes

Reversible Supercut disc with a special zigzag knife for precise cutting particularily suitable for ripe or fibrous food

The meat mincer is perfect for preparing fish and vegetable terrines, sausage meat and minced meat of every kind. Excellent results even with large quantities of meat – around 2 kg per minute. Quick and easy mincing of raw and cooked meat, fish or vegetables – finely or coarsely in different thicknesses: 3 mm, 5 mm or 8 mm.