Smeg 15cm Vacuum Drawer Black CPV615NX
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Smeg 15cm Vacuum Drawer Black CPV615NX


15cm Height “Dolce Stil Novo” Vacuum Drawer, Black glass with Stainless Steel Trim


Suitable for fitting directly beneath a 45cm height compact steam oven or blast chiller. Both items fit in a standard 60cm aperture

Maximum load weight 15kg (inside drawer) / 85kg (above the drawer)

Touch control

Push pull mechanism (no handle)

4 levels of vacuum in bags: delicate, preservation sous-vide

Reseal function

Chef function: compression, decompression

3 levels of sealing: delicate, medium, maximum

3 levels of vacuum in containers: delicate, medium, maximum

Automatic dehumidification pump cycle

Vacuum sensor with 10 mbar accuracy

Net capacity: 6.5 litres


Smeg Appliances for Sale

Smeg’s philosophy is ‘Technology with style’, and they deliver on this promise every time. Drommedaris is proud to offer products from this popular appliance brand, including their quirky Retro Style collection. For those who enjoy cooking with gas and baking with the power of electricity, you will find their hybrid ovens allow the chef in you to shine. If you are looking to increase your kitchen storage space, a brightly coloured Smeg refrigerator is the ideal solution. For small appliances with a touch of vintage quirk, look no further than their blenders and stylish coffee machines. If you want to save yourself from washing dishes, Smeg has a range of energy-efficient dishwashers to make your life easier. Another kitchen innovation from this brand is their extractor hoods, which extract unpleasant odours and gas particles from your kitchen. Smeg is known for offering colourful appliances, and their fridges are no exception. Treat yourself to a mint green, cherry red or pastel blue fridge with features such as ventilated freezers and energy rates of A++. For home chefs who enjoy modern innovations, this brand offers efficient induction cookers and gas stoves. If you love the feeling of freshly dried clothes but hate having to brave the weather, Smeg also manufactures stellar tumble dryers. Any home chef knows the value of a microwave for defrosting food reheating leftovers. This brand offers microwaves with clean lines and unique features such as eight programmes and two different cooking levels. If you are looking to inject a sense of elegance into your kitchen, look no further than Smeg products.


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Technical Specifications


50 bags for food conservation

50 bags for sous-vide cooking

Optional Accessories

LIFEBOX - Set of 3 containers for use with Vacuum drawers

LIFEBAG1 - 50 vacuum seal bags 20x30cm suitable for use with Vacuum drawers

LIFEBAG2 - 50 vacuum seal bags 25x35cm suitable for use with Vacuum drawers

VCOOKBAG1 - 50 Sous Vide Bags 20x30cm suitable for use with Vacuum drawers

VCOOKBAG2 - 50 Sous Vide Bags 25x35cm suitable for use with Vacuum drawers

Manufacturer: Italy
Noise Level: N/A
Electricity Consumption: A