Woodline Swift 2.5m Round Aluminium Umbrella
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Woodline Swift 2.5m Round Aluminium Umbrella


The SWIFT RANGE is the more compact, ‘pop a chair or two underneath’ pool or beachside classic. Your perfect starter umbrella for that compact outdoor area, this quality built umbrella will last and it won’t break the bank.


Unique Features:

  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Simple design for quick setup
  • Great for smaller patio areas and sheltered gardens to block out the harsh South African UV rays
  • Fully dedicated local Service Centre to care for your Swift umbrella during its lifetime

Size Dimensions & Shapes:

Available in:

  • Round – 2.2m , 2.5 m
  • Square –  1.8m


  • Aluminium frame with steel components
  • ‘Proudly South African’ Cedarbrook canopy for full waterproofing and UV protection
  • Simple Pulley system design enables simple and effective use at the drop of a hat

Wind Rating:

  • Perfect for creating that shady spot outdoors and is best suited to mild wind conditions


Available in 5 colours:

  • Ecru, Sand, Beige, Olive & Navy


  • Sturdy and rugged 35 kg hexagonal cement base will keep your umbrella securely in place
  • PVC cover bag to keep your umbrella safe after you’re done using it for the day

*please be aware this particular size umbrella does not open in the center of a table



In a sunny country such as ours, time is often spent lounging outside, but it is important to protect yourself from the harsh UV rays. This is where Woodline comes in. Drommedaris is proud to present this brand’s gorgeous range of wooden parasols for outdoor use. Woodline is one of the only parasol producers in the world to manufacture most of its own components and products, and their exceptional quality certainly shows through. Their designs include the Swift range of round umbrellas, which is more compact for smaller garden use, the Safari range of square umbrellas for a pop of colour in any setting and the larger Pendulum range for a more spacious outdoor area. You can choose from a diverse range of colours made from their Sunbrella fabrics. Sunbrella is a UV, stain and wear-resistant fabric made especially for outdoor umbrellas. The colours on offer range from natural hues such as stone, beige and vanilla to more unique colours including burgundy, forest green and sky blue. Their quality products are sold worldwide, and the high standard of their work means that your parasol will last for years to come, no matter how often you use it. Create an outdoor haven with Woodline’s beautiful range and enjoy your timeout in luxury.

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Weight 1 kg


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Technical Specifications

Size: 2.5 m 
Shape: Round
Wind Rating:            Mild wind
Materials: Aluminium frame & Steel compoenents



Available in 5 colours:

  • Ecru, Sand, Beige, Olive & Navy
  • Year Structural Warranty
  • 3 Year Warranty on South African Cedarbrook Fabric Canopy


  • Despite certain umbrellas being designed for windy conditions, leaving any umbrella out in high winds is not advisable or recommended
  • All Umbrellas are manufactured from separate parts making any repair possible to your umbrella so leave the worry of buying a new umbrella alone for years to come - individual modular design elements and parts.
Manufacturer: China
Noise Level: N/A
Electricity Consumption: A