Defy Gemini Master Chef Multi-function Oven Mirror DBO476
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Defy Gemini Master Chef Multi-function Oven Mirror DBO476


Eco Energy Efficient

Manufactured with environmentally friendly materials 

Air-cooled Oven Door

As hot air rises and escapes through slots at the top of the oven, it is replaced with cool air from the bottom – the constant flow of air keeps the glass door cool.

A Energy

Lower your energy consumption, reducing electricity costs and benefiting the environment.

Largest Oven Capacity

Prepare large meals effortlessly or cook more dishes at the same time and save electricity with a spacious interior – ideal for bulk cooking and family feasts.

Multifunction Oven

The multifunction core design has six options to make life easier in the kitchen, giving you the ultimate convenience.


Achieve conveniently quick results when defrosting frozen food; with the fan at the back of the oven circulating air at room temperature – producing consistent thawing results.

Thermofan Bake

Using both baking trays at the same time, dishes can be cooked simultaneously without any flavour or aroma transfer. Unlike conventional ovens, the door may be conveniently opened at anytime for inspecting food without any risk.

Static Bake

The top and bottom elements are used for traditional baking and roasting – without the use of a fan.

Static Grill

For conventional grilling such as toasted cheese sandwiches, only the grill element is used.



Gemini Collection Single Oven

Multifunction Oven System
Feast Master: Gross Volume: 89L & Net Volume: 77L
Touch Control Timer
Aluminium handle
Chromed Shelves and Removable Shelf Rails
Push-In Pop-Out (PIPO) Knobs
Temperature range 70ºC to 230ºC
Can be used as warmer compartment
Easy-clean Enamel Oven Interior
Cool Touch Double Glass Door
Roast Pan and Bake Trays included
Invisa- Bake
Under-counter with Hob Controls to match any Defy NCP Hob
Mirror Glass
Dimensions (H x W x D): 675 x 730 x 550 mm

Multifunction thermofan oven

Thermofan bake
Fan-assisted static bake
Static bake
Static grill
Turbo grill


Defy Fridges & More Appliances

Defy is one of the many world-leading brands stocked at Drommedaris. It is known for offering a full range of kitchen, laundry and small domestic appliances such as gas ovens, washing machines, dryers and much more. This brand manufactures products that are of a superior quality standard that guarantee excellence every time. Their appliances are ideal for those who enjoy spending time relaxing indoors with a cool breeze from an air conditioner, home chefs who want to whip up meals with the efficiency of gas, and small appliances that make everyday life easier and more efficient. Their washing machines are highly energy-efficient and have innovative features to distribute laundry detergent equally throughout your load. Defy offers numerous technological innovations in their appliances, one of which is the NeoCool feature in their refrigerators. Chic and modern are not words usually used to describe portable air conditioners, but Defy’s appliances provide clean lines and glossy white finishes, perfect for any modern home. Every appliance has a high energy rating which means that not only will you be able to cook perfect dishes every time and keep food perfectly cool, but you are saving on electricity too. If you are looking for the perfect coffee machine, Defy has several options to suit any taste. Small appliances abound with the Defy range, including kettles, toasters and high-quality irons. If you are looking for a slow cooker to create the perfect stew on a wintery evening, Defy has the perfect choice for you. Using a stick blender from this brand means that you will never have to buy another again due to their high-quality manufacturing processes. Defy is a definitively modern and creative brand. Drommedaris is proud to present their offerings to you.


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Technical Specifications


Models  DBO 476
Single oven  YES
Height (mm)  675
Width (mm)  730
Depth (mm)  645
Depth inside cupboard (mm)  570
Height (mm)  665
Width (mm)  700
Depth (mm)  580
Floor to bottom of aperture  130
Main oven (gross) (l)  89
Main oven (nett) (l)  79
Multifunction  YES
Main oven grill (w)  1300
Main oven thermofan (w)  2200
Main oven auxiliary (w)  300
Second oven auxiliary (w)  43 incl Hob
Easy clean enamel  YES
T = Top  TOP
Hob control switches  YES
Oven thermostat  YES
Printed glass fascia  YES
Control knob skirts – illuminated     NO
Oven thermostat indicator lights  YES
Variable grill control  YES
Function selector control  YES
Automatic oven control  YES
Full glass door/s  YES
Oven lamp (25w)  YES
Cooling fan  YES
Oven shelves  YES
Oven shelf support racks  YES
Baking trays  YES
Roast pan and rack  YES
Manufacturer: China
Noise Level: N/A
Electricity Consumption: A