Siemens iQ300 53 cm Canopy Extractor Metallic Silver LB55565
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Siemens iQ300 53 cm Canopy Extractor Metallic Silver LB55565


– The powerful canopy cooker hood is concealed above the cooktop.

– LED light: For optimal visibility and atmosphere when cooking.

– The hood is expertly designed to be extremely quiet when being used.



Energy Efficiency Class: C*

Average Energy Consumption: 79.8 kWh/year*

Blower Efficiency Class: D*

Lighting Efficiency Class: A*

Grease Filtering Efficiency Class: B*

Noise max. Normal Level: 56 dB*

For installation in a modified cupboard, above a hob

Suitable for ducted extraction and recirculation

Charcoal filter

Removable metal grease filters, dishwasher safe

Light Intensity: 438 lux

Colour Temperature: 3500 K

Sliding switch control for extractor speeds and light

3 speed control plus intensive setting

Twin motor

Max. extraction rate: 618 m3/h

Dimensions (HxWxD): 255 x 530 x 380 mm

Power rating: 206 W

120 or 150 mm diameter pipe


Siemens Appliances

Siemens is a well-known appliance brand that excels in delivering technologically advanced products, and Drommedaris proudly offers this brand’s selection of dishwashers, microwaves, extractor fans and gas hobs for your consideration. For those who enjoy baking cakes, tarts or cupcakes, Siemens has the perfect oven for you. Their ovens are equipped with features such as 10 heating methods, rapid heating functionality, a cooling fan, a handy LED display and an automatic programmer. Every cake you create will come out perfectly using a Siemens oven. Home chefs will be impressed with this brand’s gas hobs, ranging from two burner to five burner options. Siemens gas hobs offer highly accurate temperature control for those who want to cook their food to perfection. Siemens manufactures home appliances that make life more exciting and efficient. Their washing machines offer anti-stain technology and gentle washing functionality so your clothing will never shrink or be stretched out of shape. If washing dishes does not excite you, this brand offers energy-efficient dishwasher options to choose from too, saving you both time and money. Siemens is an innovative brand that focuses on customer satisfaction and enjoyment. You will be hard-pressed to find appliances as stylish and advanced as these.


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Technical Specifications

Width (cm) 53 cm
Depth of the product 380 mm
Installation type Built-in
Operating Mode Convertible
Sound pressure max. normal 43 dB (A)
Type of control setting and signalling devices Slide switch
Energy Efficiency Class C
Total annual energy consumption 79.8 kWh/annum


Home Connect  

Construction type

Diameter of air outlet (mm) 120 / 150 mm
Color body Silver metallic
Grease filter material Washable aluminium
Grease filter type Kassette
Installation typology Half-integrated
Material body Lacquered
Motor location Integrated motor in hood body
Number of motors 2
Operating Mode Convertible
Typology Traditional


Connection Rating (W) 206 W
Length electrical supply cord (cm) 130 cm
Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Total power of the lamps (W) 6 W
Total power of the motors (W) 200 W
Voltage (V) 220-240 V
Manufacturer: China
Noise Level: N/A
Electricity Consumption: A