Bosch 60cm Serie | 4 Electric Hob Black NKE645GA1E
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Bosch 60cm Serie | 4 Electric Hob Black NKE645GA1E

R4,295.00 R2,795.00


The glass-ceramic radiant hob: makes cooking and cleaning especially easy.


– Ceramics glass is much more slim and durable with better vertical conduction.



  • frame
Comfort and Safety:

  • 4 zone Quick-Therm hob
Power and size:

  • Cooking zones front lleft: Ø 145 mm, 1.2 KW; rear left: Ø 180 mm, 2 KW; rear right: Ø 145 mm, 1.2 KW; front right: Ø 210 mm, 2.2 KW

  • Residual heat indicator for each zone

  • Appliance dimensions: (W/D) 583 mm x 513 mm
  • Installation dimensions: (ID/W/D) 43 mm x 560 mm x 490 mm
  • Min. worktop thickness: 20 mm
  • Total connected load: 6600 W


Bosch Fridges & More Appliances

Drommedaris stocks products from the world’s leading brands, including the ever-popular Bosch. This brand is known for its innovative technology and sleek designs, as well as highly energy-efficient appliances. As a leading technology company, Bosch offers ingenious solutions for smart homes, smart cities, connected mobility and connected manufacturing. Their appliances are ideal for home chefs who enjoy efficient but thorough cooking, with ovens providing the perfect temperatures for baking, roasting and other uses. Their fridges provide outstanding cooling technologies and are spacious enough for even the most enthusiastic grocery shopping trips. If you are looking for a washing machine that washes clothes while keeping their shape and protecting the fabric, Bosch is the ideal choice for you. This brand also offers ingenious washer dryers for those who have less space in their laundry room. Style and elegance are not often used to describe hobs or cookers, but Bosch wows with their aesthetic appeal. You can find clean lines and chic silver tones, perfectly suited to any modern home decor. Every appliance comes with the promise of energy-saving capabilities, so your home will not only look fabulous, but it will save you money and it will save the environment. For those who prefer an uncluttered look, they will find that Bosch’s built-in appliances fit the bill perfectly. They fit seamlessly into any cabinetry and provide a smooth and uninterrupted aesthetic for a minimalistic kitchen. Install one today and see just how much fun you can truly have in the kitchen.

Additional information

Weight 7.06 kg


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Technical Specifications

Energy input Electric
Energy consumption of hob 191.0 Wh/kg


Home Connect  

Construction type

Color of frame Stainless steel
Color of surface Black, Stainless steel
Construction type Built-in
Frame design Frame
Number of electric plates 0
Number of electric cooking zones 4
Type of external control possibility Combined with oven/cookers
Type of frame Frame
Number of gas burners 0
Number of halogen plates 0
Installation typology Built-in
Total number of positions that can be used at the same time 4
Number of radiant plates 4
Number of electric warming zones 0

Size and weight

Dimensions of the product (mm) 43 x 583 x 513 mm
Net weight (kg) 7.060 kg
Cooking zone 1
Dimension of heating element (mm) 145 mm
Location of 1st heating element front left
Power of heating element (kW) 1.2 kW
Type of heating element Radiant heating
Energy consumption of heating element 190.2 Wh/kg

Cooking zone 2

Location of 2nd heating element center left

Cooking zone 3

Dimension of 3rd heating element (mm) 180 mm
Location of 3rd heating element back left
Power of 3rd heating element (kW) 2 kW
Type of 3rd heating element Radiant heating
Energy consumption of 3rd heating element 188.8 Wh/kg

Cooking zone 4

Location of 4th heating element middle back

Cooking zone 5

Dimension of 5th heating element (mm) 145 mm
Location of 5th heating element back right
Power of 5th heating element (kW) 1.2 kW
Energy consumption of 5th heating element 190.2 Wh/kg

Cooking zone 6

Location of 6th heating element center right

Cooking zone 7

Dimension of 7th heating element (mm) 210 mm
Location of 7th heating element front right
Power of 7th heating element (kW) 2.2 kW
Type of 7th heating element Radiant heating
Energy consumption of 7th heating element 194.9 Wh/kg

Cooking zone 8

Location of 8th heating element front middle / central

Cooking zone 9

Location of 9th heating element front centre/cent


Power on indicator  
Residual heat indicator Separate
Main on/off switch  


Electrical connection rating (W) 6,600 W
Energy input Electric
Frequency (Hz) 50; 60 Hz
Noise Level: N/A
Electricity Consumption: A