Elba 75 cm Gas Hob Stainless Steel 02/ELIO 75-545
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Elba 75 cm Gas Hob Stainless Steel 02/ELIO 75-545


– A lot of different gas burners give a lot of flexibility

– Do you cook a lot of food for lot of people? Do you like to cook for hours your meals for you and all your family? This 5 gas burners hob give you the maximum power and maximum flexibility for all your needs. Furthermore, 75 cm give you additional space for hobs and pans.

– A long standing laser serigraphy, a wonderful quality of the stainless steel, and light and durable cast iron pan supports, make this hob perfect for all uses.

Stainless Steel 75 cm Hob


5 gas burners
1 central triple ring wok burner
Electronic ignition
Safety devices
Easy to reach front controls
Cast iron pan supports
Cast iron wok stand
Long standing laser made serigraphy

Dimensions (W x D):
750 mm x 510 mm


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Technical Specifications

Gas Burners


Triple Burner

a central located powerful triple ring wok burner


Stainless Steel minimalist flat design

Pan Supports

Cast Iron – 2 pieces strong and light

Overall Dimensions

750 mm x 510 mm


Double material, black soft and metal brushed finishing

Appliance Type







Manufacturer: Italy
Noise Level: N/A
Electricity Consumption: A