Smeg 100cm Ceramic 6 Blade Burner Gas Hob Black PVL6106CN



– 100cm Dolce Stil Novo Black Ceramic 6 Blade Burner Gas Hob with straight edge


Material: Black Glass

Pan Stands: Titanium

Burners: Laminate

Burners Material: Brass

Controls: Black Control Knobs

No of controls: 6

Programs and Functions

Cook zones: 6

Gas cook zones: 6

Electrical Connection

Connection rating (W): 1W

Voltage (V): 220 – 240V

Type of electric cable: Single phase

Frequency (Hz) – 50/60 Hz

Power cable length: 120cm

Gas Connection

Gas Type: G20 Natural Gas

Gas Connection: Cylindrical

Other gas nozzles included: G25 Natural Gas, G30 GPL liquid gas

Other gas connections provided: Conical

Gas connection rating (W): 13100W



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Technical Specifications

Technical Features

Centre left - Gas - UR - 3500W

Rear left - Gas - Semi rapid - 1600W

Front left - Gas - Aux - 1000W

Rear right - Gas - Rapid - 2400W

Front right - Gas - Aux - 1000W

Centre right - Gas - UR - 3500W

Manufacturer: Italy
Noise Level: N/A
Electricity Consumption: A