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About Us

Who We Are

We’re Drommedaris. And our mission is to help you build a home that’s comfortable, warm and inviting: A space for you to be yourself, relaxed and at peace. Since 1984, our commitment to family values and commercial service has helped us grow into the large-scale supplier of household furniture and appliances store that we are today. Family is our bread. And service is our butter. Together these ingredients make for a slick ecommerce experience that offers competitive pricing and swift, free delivery.

So, how does it all work? It’s really simple. Find what you’re looking for from our extensive range of almost all household good items, click a few buttons, and tap a few keys. Before you can say “family values”, your purchase will be delivered to your door.

What Makes Us Better?

We Love Efficiency.

Having friends across the country means we’re able to move things quickly and greatly reduces the time between you purchasing a product with us, and it arriving at your door.

The Most Competitive Pricing Around.

With suppliers around the country, we’re able to bring you the very best products at the most affordable and attractive prices. We’re so confident in ourselves that we’ll gladly match or beat any price you find elsewhere.

A Love Affair With Quality

From second-hand furniture to our more contemporary offerings, everything on our site is of the highest quality and is guaranteed to be delivered to you in the best possible condition.

Our Team

Pieter Herholdt

If anyone understands the South African ecommerce space, it’s Pieter. It’s his values that run through the company: competitive pricing, exceptional customer service and speedy delivery. Our resident results-orientated entrepreneur is constantly on the hunt for new business opportunities. His expertise lies predominantly in information systems and project management. He’s used his interest in IT to immerse himself in the ecommerce markets and stands by our company values.

Marli Herholdt



To the team of, I want to thank you for delivering as promised. I placed an order for a double bed online, and it was promptly delivered within a week. Can’t believe how easy it was.
Maren du Tuit