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Shipping, Delivery and Returns

Expect that new fridge you ordered to take up to 10 working days if it’s something we carry in stock. If you ordered something particularly fancy and we need to make a plan with our distribution and supplier friends, it can take up to six weeks. We use independent delivery contractors, but will keep you in the loop should your delivery be delayed for any reason.

The beauty of e-commerce is that paying for your purchases is really simple and super safe. For EFTs and bank transfers, we’ll need a moment to make sure the monies have been paid before sending you your shiny new toy. Payments can be made to

Bank: Nedbank Acc No: 1145593232

Account type: Cheque Account

Branch Code: 198765

For any orders placed with one of our independent contractors, delivery is FREE. To nullify any delivery costs from Drommedaris’ delivery service, you’ll need to make a purchase of R10 000 or more.

We’ll match or beat any price our competitors give you. Just let us know how much you’ve been quoted, send through the valid quotation from the supplier as proof and we’ll get hold of you to arrange how we can match or better the price you’ve been quoted. Please note: Because there is a range of things that go into pricing, we’ll still require you to pay for the shipping (delivery) of the product if we’ve matched the price. Further to this, the payment will need to be made via EFT as per our policy above.

All our products carry a two to five-year guarantee against failure, provided by our supplier friends. We work hard to deliver on our promises. But if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you’re welcome to submit a return. The item must be in its original packaging and you’ll need the proof of payment alongside your submission. When you receive your purchase, be sure to look over it thoroughly. Identify and document any damage that may have happened in transit. Documenting this will help us immensely in determining when in the process the damage occurred and make your return process that much smoother. It’s likely that we’ll just repair or replace any products that have failed.

Faults with the products do happen occasionally. Nobody’s perfect, right? If yours is still under guarantee, we’ll gladly sort it out for you and cover all transport costs involved. We’ve also got you covered if the product is supplied incorrectly. That’s on us. In the event of products ordered incorrectly, we ask a restocking fee of 20%. This is, unfortunately, going to be at your (the customer’s) own expense. If you need transport for the product, we can also arrange it for a small fee.