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The reason most professional kitchens use gas hobs is that they can easily control the heat. With a simple turn of the dial, the flame gets bigger or smaller so that the change in heat is immediate and precise. There’s no long wait for the pan to heat up or for it to cool down, saving time and ensuring dishes aren’t spoiled by the slow response. Maybe it’s time you got a gas hob for your home and give your family and friends amazing food cooked in record time. Gas it up and cook off like a chef with our gas hobs and stoves. If you are looking to minimise your electricity use or have always been a gas stove fanatic, then these are the best options for you.

Electric hobs emit more heat than those powered by gas, generating excess heat in your home. Gas hobs not only keep your home cooler when they’re on, but as soon as you turn them off, the flame is extinguished, and the heat source vanishes – not so with an electric hob, which continues to emit heat after it is switched off. Don’t get us started on how you can dodge the loadshedding bullet with your gas hob and give everyone a warm and hearty meal. Our gas hobs also have child-lock features, so you don’t have to worry about your little ones touching buttons they shouldn’t be touching. Gas hobs may be a little more expensive to buy and install but, in the long run, will cost less to operate and maintain. There is something in every size, and depending on your kitchen space and decor, you are spoilt for colour choice too. So, give yourself a tour around and let’s get you cooking with gas from popular brands like Elba and Bosch.