Defy Gemini Gas Hob Stainless Steel DHG129
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Defy Gemini Gas Hob Stainless Steel DHG129


– Electronic Ignition

– Flame Failure Safety Device


Electronic Ignition

The control knob is simply held down and turned to the left (counterclockwise) during this time the ignition button is pushed and held for approximately 10 seconds, whereupon the gas is lit.

Flame Failure Safety Device

As a safety feature, should the flame extinguish for whatever reason, the flow of gas to the burner will automatically be terminated

Gemini Gas Hob

Stainless Steel

5 Gas Burners

1 Wok Burner with Twin Flame (5KW)

Electric Ignition

Variable Burner Control

Flame Failure Safety Device

Cast Iron Pan Supports

Dimensions (L x W x D): 880 x 510 x 40 mm


Defy Fridges & More Appliances

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Technical Specifications


Models DHG 129
Length (l to r) (mm) 890
Width (f to b) (mm) 510
Depth (mm) 99
Length 803
Width 470
Recommended installation height       900
Integrated YES
Electric ignition YES
Hotplate control YES
Variable burner control YES
Manufacturer: China
Noise Level: N/A
Electricity Consumption: A