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Reinvent the way you cook and bake with our hobs and stoves at Drommedaris. We offer a wide range of hobs and ovens that are both gas and electricity operated. Cooking with hobs is beneficial for reducing energy consumption by 70%, managing and curbing flames and ignition, easily cleaning surfaces, and some being space-savers. We know no two kitchens are the same, and every one of our hobs and stove sets serves to give your kitchen a personal touch.

Nothing demotivates anyone in the kitchen more than having to clean the stove, oven and hob after cooking. Well, lucky for you, there are hob and stove sets that are easy to clean, so you have one less thing to worry about. Plus, we have the most amazing state-of-the-art ceramic finish hobs and stoves that aren’t just easy to clean but speak elegance. Depending on your taste, there are hobs and stoves that function on electricity or gas and also have quirky and unique designs that you can pick from. If you are simply looking for an extra plate for more cooking space, we offer two-plate hobs, and for those looking for a full hob for creating delicious meals, we provide options with three, four and five plates. So, shop your home’s next addition with us and change the way you cook.