Hobot Legee 7 4-in-1 Robot Vacuum & Mop with Wifi Connectivity


The Legee 7 4-in-1 Robot Vacuum & Mop from Hobot offers an ingenious combination of two robotic cleaning appliances with the added advantage of being WiFi app controlled (for both Apple and Android), supporting dynamic voice control, scheduling and a real-time map view. This smart cleaning machine has seven specialised cleaning modes and one customised mode for you to serve any special needs. The Legee 7 can also memorise up to five floor maps, so it can be used on different levels or in different homes.

  • Robot vacuum cleaner and mop
  • Four in one cleaning functions, including vacuuming, dry mopping, spraying water, and wet mopping
  • Works through an innovative app that allows you to control the machine from your phone, including scheduling a cleaning start time, voice control via Google or Siri, and a real-time view of where it is on the floor map
  • 7 specialised cleaning modes and 1 customised mode for you to serve any special need — to achieve the best cleaning result, you can assign different modes in accordance with each room’s condition
  • The 7 modes are:
    • Standard Mode — perfect fit for any generic use
    • Stain Mode — can clean common spills, splashes and stains
    • Polish Mode — brings back the brightness and shine
    • Dry Mode — for cleaning hardwood floors
    • Strong Mode — ideal for deep cleaning
    • Eco Mode — helps to save energy and works quietly
    • Pet Mode — cleans pet hair and paw prints efficiently
    • Customised Mode — lets you adjust the parameters to suit your needs
  • Can memorise up to 5 maps, the map data is stored in its embedded memory
  • You can use different maps when the vacuum is on different floors or in another house
  • The app allows you to create virtual barriers to define and control the restricted zones on the map to keep the Legee away from delicate items when cleaning
  • Schedule Queue is a weekly based scheduler that allows pre-scheduling your cleaning plan once a day, and a one-time scheduler for a non-repetitive task
  • The customisable voice prompt updates its progress or status so you are always in control. If needed, you can set a Do Not Disturb period to omit the machine’s activities
  • The Cleaning Diary allows you to track and share the information from the past 10 cleaning tasks, including finished map, cleaned area, cleaning duration and if the task was completed
  • Unique navigation system integrates LDS Lidar, Encoder, Gyro, E-compass and Position Estimation together to detect and measure the surroundings
  • The advanced LDS Sensor spins in 7 rounds per second to collect the high accuracy and immediate terrain information for Legee to optimise the cleaning process
  • When the battery is low, Legee will go straight back to the charging station automatically to recharge, then estimate the required charging time for the remaining work area to resume the task as soon as possible
  • The powerful vacuum uses a carved deflector to collect any spill from large objects (corn kernel size) to fine ash like flour
  • Mopping force of 1800g against the floor, which imitates human mopping, removes stubborn dust and stains
  • The washable screen filter and high-efficiency filter make sure nothing escapes but clean, fresh air
  • Scrubs different hard floorings up to 900 times per minute, including tiles, wood, laminate, marble, glass, and epoxy
  • Legee 7 is protected by its 4 cliff sensors — 2 at front and 2 at the back — to help it move and turn in the narrow space
  • 4 spray nozzles to spray water evenly



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