Food Showcase Refrigerator with 595L Capacity (RH69B8940SL)


  • SpaceMax™ Technology
  • 5 conversion modes
  • Moist freshness

Last longer with up to 50% energy saving

Digital Inverter

Enjoy long-lasting performance, energy efficiency of up to 50%*, precise temperature and less noise compared to a conventional compressor. Digital Inverter Compressor gradually speeds up and slows down in response to cooling requirements across 7 gears by utilising smart sensors. Adjusting speed means it suffers less wear and tear, making it durable and it operates silently. This durability is backed up by a 20-year warranty*.

* Based on internal testing comparing energy consumption (ISO 15502) between Samsung conventional model RT46K6**5(6)** and RT54E****
** 20-year warranty is limited to the compressor only.

Last longer with up to 50% energy saving

Next level convenience

RS8000BC is installed in the kitchen.


Get your food faster

Food ShowCase

Get the food you love much more easily. The Food ShowCase is a “fridge within a fridge” that lets you efficiently organize and quickly find your family’s favorite and most frequently used foods, drinks and sauces. And a Metal Cooling plate on its door locks in the cold to keep food fresher.

The upper right door of the 2-door fridge opens, and fresh cool air circulates around the compartment.

More space inside

SpaceMax™ Technology

Store more food with a very spacious 645 liter* interior. Unique SpaceMax™ technology uses special high-urethane insulation that enables the walls to be much thinner without compromising energy efficiency. So it creates much more storage space inside without increasing the external dimensions.

* The capacity is different for each model.

RS8000BC can store more foods than before and the both sides of the door are open widely with the words ‘645L'.

5 conversion modes

Smart Conversion™

Enjoy the ultimate in flexible storage with the Smart Conversion™ feature. Using Twin Cooling technology, you can switch between 5 modes. Simply convert your freezer into a fridge to store more fresh food. Switch the fridge or freezer off* to save energy. Or use the freezer as a small fridge.

Moist freshness

Twin Cooling Plus™

Ensure food stays moister and fresher for longer. Twin Cooling Plus™ optimizes the temperature and humidity in the fridge and freezer using independent cooling in each compartment. It preserves food in the optimal conditions and protects its natural flavor by preventing odors from mixing.

RS8000BC has two cooling systems inside with freezing at the left side, refrigeration at the right side.



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Technical Specifications

How to measure

The Refrigerator is 1,780mm in height including the door, 912mm in width, 716mm in depth, and 1,746mm in height excluding the door from the rear. When installing, the refrigerator must be at least 50mm away from the back wall. The depth including the space between the refrigerator and the back wall and the refrigerator body is 660mm, and the depth including the space between the refrigerator and the back wall and the refrigerator body and the refrigerator door is 766mm. The depth of installed Refrigerator excluding the door closed is 610mm, and the depth of the installed refrigerator including the door opened to 90 degrees is 1,165mm and the refrigerator door also protrudes 30mm from the refrigerator body. The right door opens to 165 degrees, and the left door opens to 170 degrees. The width when both doors are fully opened is 1,730mm.