Eurogas Ovens & More Appliances

Eurogas is a division of Eurafrica. This brand is passionate about cooking and heating, offering an affordable and energy-efficient solution to creating food, and Drommedaris is proud to present this range of gas cookers and hobs.

Any home chef knows that gas is the way forward for speedy cooking, and with Eurogas, you will receive just that. This brand offers a variety of gas hobs ranging in size from two burners to five burners. Each burner is made to operate at different speeds for perfectly accurate cooking. They have also combined the efficiency of gas cooking with the accuracy of electric oven baking in their gas/electric hybrid cookers. You will find yet another excuse to spend your day in the kitchen, whipping up masterpieces.

Eurogas’ designs are ideal for any modern home, offering sharp, clean lines and glossy silver exteriors. These appliances will not look out of place in any chef’s kitchen and will make your kitchen the true heart of your home. If you are entertaining a group of people or simply making dinner for two, the gas appliances from Eurogas allow you to cook in record time while also saving money on electricity.

For any budding home chefs and foodies, Eurogas also offers unique features such as wok burners and stands for those Oriental experiments. You will find that your passion for cooking will be reawakened with Eurogas and Drommedaris.

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