Miele is a popular household appliance brand known for their high-quality and stunning aesthetics, and Drommedaris is proud to offer their range of vacuum cleaners, coffee machines and hobs.

Cleaning the house is not an activity that many of us enjoy, but with Miele’s quirky coloured vacuum cleaners, it is much less of a chore. This brand has developed a specialised vacuum cleaner for cleaning up cat and dog fur, perfect for pet owners. If you would rather do no vacuuming at all, you can invest in the RX1 Scout Vacuum Cleaner, a robotic vacuum cleaner with intuitive sensors built-in. Once your house is clean and fresh, you can relax with a cup of coffee made with your Miele countertop coffee machine.

If you enjoy the sensation of crisp, freshly dried clothing but dread having to stand outside in the sun to achieve this, Miele manufactures tumble dryers with unique features such as 14 different programmes, an easy-to-empty condenser water container, and an A+ energy rating. This brand also offers energy-efficient washing machines that are equipped with features such as QuickPowerWash, CapDosing and a near-silent motor. Now you can wash and dry your clothes with ease.

You will be able to create a haven of modernity in your home by choosing to furnish it with Miele. From coffee machines to extractor fans, you will find everything you need from this brand.

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