Bosch 9kg Front Loader Washing Machine WGA1440XZA


The Bosch 9kg Front Loader Washing Machine has an A+++ energy rating, SpeedPerfect, and Anti Stain Plus system, that will remove up to 16 of the most stubborn stains. There is an AllergyPlus program that will effectively reduce allergen residue.

Easy Removal Of Stains

The Bosch 9kg Front Loader Washing Machine features an Anti Stain Plus system, that will remove up to 16 of the most stubborn stains. Whether you want to remove a chocolate, grass, or wine stain, the front loader will adjust the temperature, drum movement, and soak time to remove the stains, without pre-treatment.

Unique Patented Drum

Your clothes will be treated with care, thanks to the unique patented Vario Drum structure. It will wash all types of laundry efficiently and gently, without stretching, damaging, or creasing your clothes.

Efficient Use Of Water

Active Water technology will ensure better performance using less water. The Bosch 10kg Front Loader has integrated sensors that will adjust the water consumption, so it will use the precise amount of water needed for a wash cycle, without compromising on performance.

With SpeedPerfect, you can reduce your washing time by up to 65% without compromising results. SpeedPerfect can be used in combination with most programs, all loads, and textiles.

Hygienic Washing Of Laundry

If you are an allergy sufferer, then this Bosch front loader would be ideal for you. It features an AllergyPlus program, that will result in your clothes being properly washed, therefore reducing skin irritations. AllergyPlus uses a higher temperature, for the wash cycle, to effectively reduce allergen residue.

Less Time Wasted On Ironing

Reduce the time you spend on ironing your clothes with the Bosch 9kg Front Loader Washing Machine, which has an Iron Steam Assist. This handy option will reduce up to 50% of wrinkles by applying steam care to your laundry. Your t-shirts will come out ready to wear and you will spend less time struggling to iron your linen and shirts.



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Technical Specifications

Dimensions And Warranty

The dimensions of the Bosch 9kg Front Loader Washing Machine are H 845mm x W 597mm x D 588mm, and this Bosch Front Loader has a 3-year guarantee.

  • A+++ energy rating
  • 9kg load capacity
  • Noise output: washing – 55dBa; Spinning – 73dBa
  • Automatic AntiStain System
  • Max spin speed of 1400rpm
  • Iron Assist
  • Programs include:
    • Cotton
    • Cotton Eco
    • Steam
    • AllergyPlus
    • Wool
    • Duvet
    • Easy Care
    • Delicates / Silk
    • Super Quick
    • Spin/Drain
    • Rinse