Aarke III Premium Carbonator White


Designed in Sweden to look sleek and sophisticated on your countertop and built to last, the iconic Aarke Carbonator III is the most elegant solution for sparkling water at home. Slim and compact, the machine is compatible with CO2 cylinders from all major brands. It’s also super simple to use — just fill the bottle with cold water, screw the bottle into the machine, pull the lever down and you’re done. Sparkling water in seconds. The Aarke Premium Carbonator is the first appliance of its kind with an all-encompassing stainless steel enclosure. Forget the dull, plastic soda makers of the past. This sparkling water maker is made from premium materials and designed to elevate the look and feel of your kitchen counter for years to come.


  • Stylish, compact sparkling water maker designed in Sweden
  • Features a durable, all-encompassing stainless steel body
  • Easy to use — simply fill the bottle with water, screw the bottle into the machine and pull the lever down
  • 1 x BPA-free PET bottle included
  • Gas Cylinder not included (to be bought separately)
  • Compatible with Model 60 CO2 cylinders from Sodastream, Bibo, AGA, Linde and many other standard gas cylinders approved for use with sparkling water makers
  • Model 30 cylinders not compatible with the Aarke carbonator
  • Cordless and electricity free

How it works

  • The lever is where the magic starts and ends, both carbonating your water and releasing pressure from the bottle
  • Push and hold until you hear a buzz, then release and unscrew the bottle from the machine


Edison Stone

Technical Specifications

Aarke products are created for life. Their design is iconic, but more importantly, they are built to last. Aarke is proud to hold the responsibility of engineering durable, aesthetically pleasing products. They believe in repairing machines instead of replacing them, like a classic car or an old watch, passed down from generation to generation.



  • Dimensions: 41.4cm H x 15.3cm W x 25.8cm D
  • Weight: 1.45kg


Care Instructions


  • Never carbonate anything other than plain water
  • When carbonating, a small amount of liquid could bubble up through the valves
  • If the water contains sugar or other compounds, the valves could start malfunctioning and the product could potentially be dangerous to use
  • Never add fruit slices, ice and flavours in the water bottle
  • Use a pitcher or mix it directly in your glass
  • Rinse the water bottle carefully before filling it with water
  • Do not use the water bottle after the expiry date
  • After the bottle has expired, the plastic may have weakened a little bit and for safety reasons the water bottle should be replaced with a new one
  • Do not use water bottles from other brands, this can damage the machine and lead to a safety risk
  • Never put the bottle in the freezer
  • Never inject gas into an empty water bottle

How to clean your polished steel version:

  • Use a microfibre cloth and water
  • If needed you could use some mild soap
  • Do not use strong detergents or cleanser with abrasive substance


Warranty Info


  • This product comes with a 2 year warranty