Elba / Elica 90 CM Vertical Cookerhood Stainless Steel 10/STRIPE SS
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Elba / Elica 90 CM Vertical Cookerhood Stainless Steel 10/STRIPE SS


– STRIPE Vertical Wall Mounted


Product Information


Stripe is one of the new vertical extractor hoods. Like the other vertical extractor hoods, Stripe has a strong visual impact: limited lines and a simple design are what characterise the kitchen. Precisely because it is vertical, Stripe offers total freedom of movement: it can be aligned perfectly with the cabinets, offering all the space needed to cook in complete comfort

Stripe LUX

Stripe also has two extraction sources: the air is extracted both by the lower part of the extractor hood and by the front slot of the panel.

Available in black glass and stainless steel.



Elba is a Totai company brand that offers a diverse range of cookers, ovens and extractor fans. Their unique vintage aesthetic cookers found at Drommedaris sets them apart from the norm, with their modern designs setting trends across the board. If you are looking to bring some retro, vintage charm to your kitchen, Elba’s gas and electric cookers are the solution for you. These are available in unique colours such as red, blue and cream to suit any kitchen colour scheme. An extractor fan is essential for a hygienic kitchen, and you will find that this brand offers both under-cabinet and hood model extractor fans. Their designs are modern enough to fit perfectly into a minimalist kitchen without disrupting the flow. For home chefs who are not fans of cleaning up after their mouthwatering masterpieces, this brand offers vitroceramic hobs. These hobs are made with premium glass-ceramic bases for a quick and easy cleanup and even heat distribution. If you enjoy the taste of barbecued meat but not the hassle of maintaining a fire, Elba offers an electric barbecue for indoor use. Each appliance is made with the utmost care and consideration to guarantee customer satisfaction. Everyone has a talent for cooking; they simply need the correct Elba appliances to let their inner chef shine through.


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Technical Specifications


Size Dimensions 90 cm

Finish stainless steel

Version Duct out / Recycling


Lighting Halo 2x20w

Min-max airflow 300-900 m3/h

Min-max noise level 50-65 db(A)

Tot. absorption 300 W

Duct size 150 mm

Charcoal & Aluminium filters

Noise Level: N/A
Electricity Consumption: A