Bosch Serie 8 14cm Black Warmer Drawer with Home Connect BIC7101B1


The Bosch 60cm Series 8 Warmer Drawer will allow you to keep your meal warm, and you can preheat your plates or cups. Features a push-pull mechanism that will allow you to open and close the drawer with ease.



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Technical Specifications

  • 54L cavity volume
  • Max 25kg loading capacity
  • Multifunctional warming drawer with the heating functions
  • Can accommodate up to 40 plates or 192 espresso cups
  • The heating plate is made of toughened glass
  • Touch key operation

Slow Cool Meals, Or Keep Them Warm

It can be tedious to warm food every time a late guest arrives for dinner. The Bosch 60cm Series 8 Warmer Drawer will allow you to keep your meal warm. You can select the proper program, or you can set the temperature yourself. It is recommended that you choose a temperature between 60°C to 80°C.

If you are creating a dish with meat, poultry, or vegetables, you can either set a desired temperature, or you can select the slow cook program, which will slowly and gently cook your food, while giving you time to focus on another task.

One of the benefits of this warmer drawer is that you can preheat your plates or cups, to ensure that your beverage or meal remains warm for longer.

A Door That Is Easy To Open And Close

This Bosch Warmer Drawer features a push-pull mechanism that will allow you to open and close the drawer with ease. There is a cleverly designed spring that will make it easy to use the drawer, which can come in handy, especially if your hands are full. By using your elbow or hip, you can easily open the drawer.

Dimensions And Warranty

The dimensions of the Bosch Series 8 Warmer Drawer are 290mm x 594mm x 518mm, and it has a 5-year warranty.