Siemens iQ700, 29cm, Warmer Drawer, Home Connect


Product name/family – Warming drawer
Colour – Black

Technical Overview:
Dimensions – 290 x 594 x 518 mm
Type of control – Electronic
Maximum number of reference plates – 40
Maximum number of espresso cups – 192
Connected appliances with Home Connect – Yes

Easy-open drawer.
Control the multifunctional warming drawer from anywhere, anytime.
The easy way to keep meals warm.
Enjoy your coffee hot.

Special Features:
push&pull – No-handle drawer, that’s easy to open and close.
Home Connect – Control the multifunctional warming drawer at any time from wherever you want.
Keep warm: for keeping cooked dishes warm.
Preheat cups: for coffee that stays hot longer.
Preheat plates: for dishes that stay hot longer.



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